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So didn't really had time to do any blogs these days (was too stressed @.@ ) but since I uploaded RG Veda for some people on the aarinfantasy board I shall also put my links here to download. ^_~

As before you can find it on my Uploads-Page here

Unfortunately for me I do only have the not-so-good version of this OVA. I know there should be a much better Version with DVD-like Quality, but I can't seem to find it T_T
But well...its better than nothing ^^

I hope to blog more here. I'm also thinking on putting my Wallpapers and Avatars here on this Site. Just have to find the time for it. XD
It seems, I don't have that much time, like I thought I do. XD hehe

12.1.07 03:56

First Upload: Gestalt OVA



So this is my first Upload for my Weblog!
I uploaded Gestalt which you can find now on the Uploads Page on the right.
I spent a lot of time searching for this anime and finally got to see it. It is slightly Shounen Ai, hope you like it as well as I did

4.1.07 15:14

New Layout


Listening to: Kaishou - Kasamatsu Kouji (Gankutsuou OST)

After spending more than 3 hours on the new layout, it's finally finished ^o^
The beautiful lady on the Background is Haydee from the Anime Gankutsuou.

I just finished watching this anime today and must say, that it really was to my liking. And the villian was so too *drools* hehe
I already had seen the movies to Monte Christo several times but the anime version was really interesting to watch and also very good. It even made me nearly cry XD (hai hai ^^...I'm a person, who is easily moved to tears)

*sigh* After watching Jyu-oh-sei and Gankutsuou this past weeks, I really should be watching something more silly/funny next. XD

4.1.07 05:19

New Year - New plans XD


Current Wallpaper:

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Finally I've done it! I always thought about creating my own weblog, but never got to do it ever.

And here is it! Omedetou to myself XD hehe

Soo...for which reason did I this?
First: Its nice to have a place where I can shout out as much as I can, and have noone here to tell me to behave.

and second...yeah...I also thought , that I should make a place, where I can put all the hostlinks to the files I uploaded, so others can enjoy them too

Well then...this is my first try here, please be gentle with me XD (and don't mind my english grammer + spelling mistakes...I know, I make pretty much of them XD)

Yoroshiku onegai! ^o^

2.1.07 23:10


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