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Listening to: Kaishou - Kasamatsu Kouji (Gankutsuou OST)

After spending more than 3 hours on the new layout, it's finally finished ^o^
The beautiful lady on the Background is Haydee from the Anime Gankutsuou.

I just finished watching this anime today and must say, that it really was to my liking. And the villian was so too *drools* hehe
I already had seen the movies to Monte Christo several times but the anime version was really interesting to watch and also very good. It even made me nearly cry XD (hai hai ^^...I'm a person, who is easily moved to tears)

*sigh* After watching Jyu-oh-sei and Gankutsuou this past weeks, I really should be watching something more silly/funny next. XD

4.1.07 05:19

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