RG Veda


So didn't really had time to do any blogs these days (was too stressed @.@ ) but since I uploaded RG Veda for some people on the aarinfantasy board I shall also put my links here to download. ^_~

As before you can find it on my Uploads-Page here

Unfortunately for me I do only have the not-so-good version of this OVA. I know there should be a much better Version with DVD-like Quality, but I can't seem to find it T_T
But well...its better than nothing ^^

I hope to blog more here. I'm also thinking on putting my Wallpapers and Avatars here on this Site. Just have to find the time for it. XD
It seems, I don't have that much time, like I thought I do. XD hehe

12.1.07 03:56

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